Cyber Attacks


Common types of Cyber Attack

Just as pollution was a side effect of the Industrial Revolution, so are the many security vulnerabilities that come with increased internet connectivity.

Cyber attacks are exploitation’s of those vulnerabilities.

For the most part unavoidable, individuals and businesses have found ways to counter cyber attacks using a variety of security measures and just good old common sense.

Regardless how safe a business feels it and its systems are, however, everyone must still be aware of and vigilant toward online threats.

How do cyber attacks work?

How do you get cyber attacked?

What can you do if you become a victim?

This section is to help you understand how you can become infected, what to do if you suffer from an attack, and how to prevent or recover after an attack.

Let’s examine eight of the most common cyber attacks that your business could face and ways to avoid them.

The section are broken down in to these most common types of attacks being:

Malware Attack

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Phishing Attack

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Password Attack

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DDOS Attack

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Man in the Middle Attack

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Drive-by Download Attack

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Malvertising Attack

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Rogue Software Attack

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Some worrying Statistics


Detected Attacks

and 25% of Large Firms experience a breach at least once per month




of all businesses set cyber security standards
for their suppliers



Have Written

a formal written cyber security policy to protect their business



Recommended Action

to identify risks
from Cyber Attacks


Stay Safe, Stay Sure, BE SECURE!

Cyber attacks are being performed every second of every day.

You must review your current Cyber defences and continue to have them tested by professional organisations.

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