Cyber Attack

What is a Malvertising Attack?

What is a Malvertising? 

A way to compromise your computer with malicious code that is downloaded to your system when you click on an affected ad.

How does it work? 

Cyber attackers upload infected display ads to different sites using an ad network. These ads are then distributed to sites that match certain keywords and search criteria.

Once a user clicks on one of these ads, some type of malware will be downloaded. Any website or web publisher can be subjected to malvertising, and many don’t even know they’ve been compromised.

How can I prevent it? 

The best way to prevent falling victim to malvertising is to use common sense. Any ad that promises riches, free computers or cruises to the Bahamas is probably too good to be true, and therefore could be hiding malware.

As always, up-to-date software and operating systems are your best first line of defense.

Some worrying Statistics


Detected Attacks

and 25% of Large Firms experience a breach at least once per month




of all businesses set cyber security standards
for their suppliers



Have Written

a formal written cyber security policy to protect their business



Recommended Action

to identify risks
from Cyber Attacks

Stay Safe, Stay Sure, BE SECURE!

Cyber attacks are being performed every second of every day.

You must review your current Cyber defences and continue to have them tested by professional organisations.

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