Worcester, UK, 21 June 2021: The UK Cyber Security Association is pleased to announce their first one-day summit event which takes place on Tuesday 6th July 2021 from 8.55am to 5.00pm.

The theme for the summit is “Cyber Security from a Global Perspective”, and “The Scourge of Ransomware”, and will have a focus on combatting the growing cyber security threat by being stronger together on a global basis.

Speakers at the event will include:

Lisa Ventura, Co-Director and Founder, UK Cyber Security Association
Simon Newman, Head of Cyber and Business Services, Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC)
Mitch Mellard, Threat Intelligence Analyst and Chris Sedgwick, Director of Security Operations, Talion.
Victoria Beale, Founder, Business Live Global.
Chris Windley, Co-Director & Founder, UK Cyber Security Association
James Castle, Founder, Global Cyber Security Alliance
Professor Lisa Short, P&L Digital
Bishakha Jain, IBM India
Steve Vine, Infrastructure and Operations Manager at Moneypenny
Dr Alex Tarter, Chief Cyber Consultant and CTO at Thales Cyber & Consulting
Natasha Hurley and Laura Wellstead, Co-Founders, Cyberxperts
Jonathan Slater, Managing Director, Capslock
Dianna Morikawa, Global Partner Manager, Intrusion Inc
Thom Langford, CISO, SentinelOne
Damon Rands, CEO, Wolfberry CS

The event is free for all to attend, to book a place at it visit https://hopin.com/events/ukcsa-one-day-summit-event.

For more information about the UK Cyber Security Association and how to join as a member please visit www.cybersecurityassociation.co.uk.